Bug Bounty Playbooks

The Bug Bounty Playbook is a guide for people wanting to break into the bug bounty hunting space. Consisting of two parts(1&2) I show you the methodology and techniques I have used to successfully find bugs during an engagement.

Part one talks about the recon phase of a hunt. This includes setting up your notes, finding a good bug bounty program to hunt on, locating subdomains and IPs, performing port scans, fingerprinting for technology stacks, and much more. You will also learn a couple exploit techniques I use to get lots of bugs such as locating passwords in Github repos. After reading part one you will have enough knowledge to find your first bug.

Part two of the series is more focused on the exploit phase. Part one is about recon this is exploits. Here I exploiting OWASP top 10 vulns, how to use burp suite, authentication bypass exploits, taking advantage of one-days, and much more.

After purchasing and reading both books you will be armed with enough knowledge to take on the vast majority of organizations. However, knowledge isnt enough you will still need to develop hands on experience to perfect your techniques.

Cloud Hacking Playbook

Traditional networks were hosted on the targets internal network but modern day networks are either entirely cloud based or a hybrid of both. AWS, GCP, and Azure are the most popular cloud providers out there. AWS has over a hundreds of services such as virtual machines(EC2), file storage(S3), Lambda services, and much more.

With new technology comes a new attack surface. With so many companies running in the cloud it's important to know how to asses these types of environments. In the cloud hacking playbook I describe the attack life cycle of a cloud engagement. I go over initial access, recon, persistence , privilege escalation, more. If your interested in cloud hacking this is the book for you.