Welcome to the ghostlulz army. This site is dedicated to help others learn the black arts of hacking. New tools, tactics, and techniques(TTP) will be covered every week in the form of a blog post and/or a youtube video.

I have been working a penetration tester for several years which basically means I get paid to hack fortune 500 companies. Each engagement I learn something new which over the course of hundreds of engagements ends up being a lot of knowledge.

For the most part I believe that knowledge should be free and open to the public. For this reason I will be releasing a bunch of free content that will show you exactly how to get a job as a penetration tester, red teamer , or bug bounty bunter. For those of you wanting to dive a little deeper than the rest you will have the option to buy in depth courses that the generally public will not have access to.

Also dont forget to join our slack channel. The cyber security community is small get together and share some cool stories. If you want to chat with some like minded hackers join the slack group.

TOPSHOT - A picture taken on October 17, 2016 shows an employee walking behind a glass wall with machine coding symbols at the headquarters of Internet security giant Kaspersky in Moscow. / AFP / Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV / TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY Thibault MARCHAND        (Photo credit should read KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)