Wayback Sql Injection Scanner

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Google dorks are soo 2003. One month ago I posted a tutorial on abusing The Wayback Machine to find vulnerabilities. I talked about how to find sensitive files such as backups, password dumps, and more. I then briefly described how to find vulnerabilities using the crawled data provided by the wayback machine.Wayback Machine
Find vulnerabilities using the wayback machinemedium.com

Currently there are no tools that im aware of that take this crawled data and find vulnerabilities from it. All you would have to do is find all the urls that have GET parameters and replace that with a malicious payload. Sounds easy right?

Wayback Sql Injection

We can used the cralwed data from the wayback machine to find vulnerabilities. When manually searching for sql injection most people put the characters and in a text box or get parameter and look for the common MySQL error.

This whole process can and should be automated and thats exactly what I did. After downloading my tool you can use the following command to grab crawled data from the wayback machine and test each get parameter for sql injection:

python main.py exampleSite.com

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No need to manual crawl a website to find vulnerable endpoint. Take advantage of third party resources when gathering information for reconnaissance . This information can then be manipulated to test/find vulnerabilities. I didnt do anything new here, only a little different approach. All I did was create a sql injection scanner that uses crawled data provided by third party resources.